Wednesday, April 26, 2023

1,000 km so far on Conversion

After 1,000 km or 621 miles on the Long Haul Trucker conversion to E-Bike, I will remove the motor cover and apply fresh grease to the gears.   Many people recommend opening up the motor and packing the gears with grease before an installation but I didn't do that. 

The motor has been quiet thus far.  

It will be interesting to look inside the motor to see if there is factory grease still in the motor after 1,000 km of duty.   

At this time, I will also replace the cover with a Lekkie cover that has a grease port.  

I will also replace the standard Bafang chain ring with a much better Lekkie 46t chain ring. 

The Lekkie products were ordered and are being shipped from New Zealand.   I will do a video on the greasing of the motor complete with chain ring and cover installation.


Video of 1,000 km re-greasing and installation of Lekkie Motor cover and Bling Ring

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