BBS02b Motor noise with Lekkie expander gasket on the motor cover.

The Lekkie motor covers are a great item to have on a motor.  They provide better motor protection and they have a grease port that lets you add a squirt of grease into the gear area ever so often.  I plan to add a bit a grease every 500 miles or so.  Without a port, the cranks, chainring and motor cover had to be removed to add grease.

Below is a short video of an issue that you may have after installing the Lekkie Motor cover and use the optional spacer gasket. On the initial installation of the Lekkie Motor cover, I used the optional spacer gasket. 

I was VERY careful not to over tighten the screws that attached the cover to the motor.   
Things worked well for a few miles.   Then there was a sound...    play the video below....  

I worked to isolate the cause of the noise.

 To do this, I removed items one by one and tested to see if the noise stopped: 

  • -Removed crank buzz bar (still noise)
  • -Removed chain (still noise)     
  • -Removed chain bling ring  (still noise)
  • Then I removed the Lekkie cover and the noise stopped.  !!!

I then removed the spacer gasket and reattach the Lekkie cover without the spacer gasket. The Lekkie cover does have a glued in gasket that is standard.  I tested. NO NOISE!  

I reinstalled the bling ring, chain, crank buzz bar and still NO NOISE!

Yes, the spacer gasket is optional.  I was informed by Lekkie support that often, people sometimes installed their motor cover and really torque the screws to the point that it is 'too tight' . After this, the gears rubbed the motor cover.  That is the reason they now include a spacer gasket. 

 My issue was I used the spacer gasket but DID NOT get it tight enough... hence the noise.  Sounded like air squeezing through a small space creating a whistling noise.  After a couple hundred miles now, everything is still working fine.  I had no need to add the spacer gasket. The Lekkie Cover with it regular glued in gasket works great.  And I just followed the directions of tightness.  Using a Philips head screwdriver, alternate screwing the screws in until each screw is snug, then give each screw another 1/2 turn. 

So, after a Lekkie Cover install, if you hear noise like in the video, it might be the cover is not tight enough! 


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