carrying the battery charger

For longer riding, overnights or longer, 
the battery charger needs to be bought along.  

I carry the Shimano charger in a Roswheel padded bag on the top of the rear rack.

The Battery and cords slip in easily and the bag has room for other items that need easy access.

There are zippered compartments on each side of the main storage area.
When taking a break from riding, the easy access bag makes it easy to pull out the charging cord and wall plug cord to put a little charge in the battery if you can get the bike near an electrical outlet.   Restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores often have an outside outlet that you can ask to use.   If you are a customer, the store will usually let you do this.

The Shimano Steps changer has an adapter for charging the battery when it is removed from the bicycle.   In fear of losing the adapter, or leaving it behind, Zip Ties where used to  attach the adapter to the cord.

When charging the battery off the bicycle, the charger/cords/adapter and battery can be brought to an electrical plug in a restaurant or hotel for charging.

In terms of Touring with an E-Bike, "range anxiety" is felt and that is different from touring on an none E-Bike.  But the planning of trips with E-Bikes gives more route options not worrying about "that huge hill" and can give a trip a little more daily range.

I am now enjoying spending a little more time eating lunch and talking with local people as my battery gets recharged.  I do dream about adding a second battery that can somehow charge with solar power as I am riding along in the sun.  Technology may catch up to our dreams.

With the Shimano Steps, it is not too bad to ride with no assist. I tend to do this quite often, using the assist to get me to speed then switching it off. 

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