BBS02 after 1,000km

 After 1,000 km
And greasing with installation of Lekkie motor cover. 

BBS02 Bafang Motor inspection and re-greasing at 2,000 miles
Note: Lekkie motor cover, after two failures,  has been replaced with the standard Bafang Motor cover.

At 2,000 miles, it was time to open up the motor and inspect the gearing and do a little maintenance.  The motor has been doing great for 2,000 miles and has not been making any sounds...this was just some scheduled maintenance. 

The Lekkie buzz bars make this an easy job. Take off the self extracting Lekkie Crank arm with an allen wrench.  There is no need for a crank puller.  Then remove the Phillips head screws holding the motor cover in place and remove the cover.

After 2,000 miles the gears still look like they did when new.  Grease had been applied at 1,000 miles a short while back when a new cassette and chain was installed.  There was still grease on and around the gears now.  The old grease was wiped off the gearing and an ample supple of new grease was placed into the gear teeth. The motor cover then replaced and the crank placed back to the aisle tightening to the specified 60Nm.

The chain and cassette also show very little where and hopefully the chain will last another 1,000 miles. 

The bike is used for touring and urban transportation-shopping with a lot of loads and hills.  Most of the power assist is 150 w or less but on the steep hills, the power meter may show the assist get to 500-600 w for brief periods of time.  The 9sp cassette is fully utilized as is human power pedaling. 
A small 48w 10ah battery is yielding about 20 miles with full load and hills. On flat "rail trails"  each 48w 10ah battery is yielding about 30 miles (multiple small batteries are taken when riding long distances). 

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