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The subject of this personal blog is the discussion of items that relate to E-Bike Touring. 
The posts describe Challenges, projects, trips and equipment involved with E-Bike touring.
All information and reviews are personal opinions of items that have been purchased and used.
No Vendors provide items to be reviewed.

All links are for convenience (navigation tools primarily for the author) and the author is not affiliated to any businesses that are linked to.
The blog is just for fun... and to share the Bicycle experience with anyone with similar interests. It is also a handy tool for keeping a record of riding and equipment.


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    1keep your ebike battery full charge at frist time:
    Customer charge the battery first time,please make sure full charged ,please stop if afer the charger red light turn into green.we recommend you make few cycle for few time(charge and discharge totally) at the beginning.
    2Know the right way to charge the battery
    Firstly plug into the battery with charger,and connect the charger plug to the AC side.in case the charger plug have spark during the plug in /pull out procedure which would be harmful for the battery cell.
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    4keep your lithium battery charged
    As lithium battery have no momory effect, you can charge the battery regularly will significantly reduce its ability to hold a charge,
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    Although the ebike battery have the waterproof case,there is a danger to ride at the heavy rain which make the battery wet and contacts oxidation and corrosion. In case weaken the ability of the battery to power the bike.ride a the rain is not recommend and please try to clean the contacts each time when plug in.
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