Jackery Solar Generator 300 to charge the Shimano Steps battery

The Jackery Solar Generator 300 can be used to charge the Shimano Steps E-Bike battery. 

I looked at the Jackery Solar Generator line-up and I believe that the 300 is the smallest unit that can be used to charge the Shimano Steps Battery.   I wanted this ability for a few reasons.

1) when camping and away from the Grid, the Jackery Solar Generator can charge while I am off riding. It can then be used to charge up the Shimano Steps Battery.

2) with the Solar charging ability, I can use to Jackery making he E-Bike a "solar powered" E-Bike.

3) If I needed to, I can pack the Jackery for short overnight tours, having a little less range anxiety.

It is able to charge the Shimano Battery to about 30% in a couple of hours.  

A solar panel is used to charge the Jackery 300. 

This is a good option to be able to add power to the e-Bike when your are away from the grid... or just use to have a "solar powered" e-bike.

In the future, there will be better options (smaller, less weight) but this works for now.  

See short video (no sound) of the Jackery 300
with Solar Panel connected to the Shimano Steps Battery

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