Saturday, April 29, 2023

Bags that work: Acorn Bags

When riding, I am often asked "what kind of handlebar bag is that?" ...

Answer:  Acorn Bag

I have them on all of my bicycles.
They are built to last and look better with age and usage.

They are made in the USA in very small batches in "cottage industry fashion" and are kind of hard to get.  But it is worth the effort and time to get them.

Part of the FUN is the challenge of buying them!

The bags are made of  MARTEXIN "ORIGINAL WAX" waxed cotton canvas that really stands up to the weather.   I have been using the bags about 10 years and thousands of miles.  I have never had an issue with the Handlebar bar or the rollup bag that mounts to my Brooks Saddle.

The clips on the side of the bag are useful to mount items for quick access.   The pictures show some cable locks and key hooks.

There are two pockets that are PERFECT for a phone (on the right side) and emergency contact information and Travel Card & a pen  (on the left side).

I also have a leather pouch mounted between the Acorn Bag pockets to store sunglasses and that occasional snack... but that is not part of the Acorn Bag.

The Acorn Roll-up bag is perfect to carry tools, tire patches, and spare tubes.

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