Sunday, April 30, 2023

The Hailong Battery and Jackery for E-Bikes


The Hailong E-Bike Battery is a small footprint 48w 10amh battery that is proving to be a good option for versatility with commuting, errands and touring.   It is small in size and when on the rear rack of the bicycle, looks like a small tool type of bag and not a bulky E-Bike Battery. Most commuting and errand trips are less than 20 miles so "hauling around" a huge heavy battery is not needed for most riding needs.  I find it is better to use a small battery and when additional distance of touring is needed, just put another identical battery in a pannier and swap them out when needed.  


Jackery 160 

I often take a Jackery charging device when touring.  With this I can charge the small devices (Garmin, Varia, iPhone, speaker) while on the go or at stops.  The Jackery is very well build and fits in the bottom of a pannier.   It can be charged quickly at rest stops using with AC.  It can be charged with a solar panel.   

The small Hailong E-Bike Battery pull less than 100w when charging! So the Jackery can be used to charge the E-Bike battery and that is a big plus with touring.  If needed, with the Jackery 160. you can add a few more miles to a spare Hailong Battery while you are riding. 

The Jackery can also be solar charging while charging the e-bike battery during those sunny water break stops! (see picture below - showing 33w of solar going into Jackery & 95w going into a Hailong E-Bike battery)  

Having a Jackery is a good option to be able to add power to the e-Bike when your are away from the grid... or just use to have a "solar powered" e-bike.

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