Tuesday, September 13, 2022

E-bicycle Battery Charging with a Jackery 160 !

The "E-Trucker" Hailong Battery is small but proving to be a functional choice.
It fits nicely on the rear rack and doesn't appear to be an obvious battery.  

More like a rear rack bag. 

It seems more like a rear rack storage bag. 

The charger is small and very lightweight.  The charger doesn't pull over 100w when charging SO the Small Jackery 160 can be used to charge the e-bike battery !  This is a big win for touring.  The small Jackery less than 4 lbs, very useful and can be solar charged.  The Shimano Steps battery/Charger could not be charged with the Jackery 160 (It required a larger Jackery 300).

Below is a picture of it charging the e-bike battery.

Below is a picture of the Jackery 160 Charging the E-Bike battery while also being charge via a solar panel.

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