Monday, September 19, 2022

BBS02b 750w - Programming Setting

The BBS02b 750w factory setting worked quite well.   

There is the ability to adjust the programming and I have looked at other riders settings with the reasoning for the changes. 

A great resource for programming the Bafang motor is
The Hackers Guide to Programming BBS02 & BBSHD

Everyone has specific needs for the programming depending on so many factors.  For my needs, I wanted the settings for touring.  I will always be using the 9 speed rear gearing as usual. (The motor hopefully will just take 10 years off me for performance and enjoyment).

The Programming options were to yield these levels:

These 4 levels would be the mostly used. 
These would be similar to the Shimano Steps system of Eco, Normal High.  The difference is that with programming changes the assistance and speed can be controlled.

  • no assistance
  • just a little assistance up to a 'normal' riding speed about 13 mph.
  • a bit more assistance up to a 'normal +' riding speed about 15 mph (small hills / hurry up).
  • stronger assistance up to 'normal++' riding speed about 18 mph (larger hills / hurry up).
When increased power or speed is needed additional infrequent levels can be programmed and made available.
  • Strong assistance for hills (more power to motor)
  • Strong assistance + for hills (more power to motor or more speed than normal)
  • Strong assistance ++ for hills (more power to motor and get our of Dodge speed)

 After riding for about 100 miles with the newly converted Surly Long Haul Trucker, I have an understanding of  how the Motor system functions. I began the programming tweaks that I thought would best fit my purpose.  

My first change and test ride proved that I was providing too much power and speed to the bike.  I had to dialed it down.  It is important for me to keep the speed to 'normal' touring speed and to just get the needed assistance to accomplish that goal. I watched the watt usage that shows on the display, and tried to keep to low.  I also watched were the of level of speed was before the assistance stopped.  I tried to get that sweet spot to get this is the speed I want and if my peddling slows a bit, assistance kicks in to keep me there.  I ended up making 3 programming changes before I thought it was working pretty good for me. 

Below is the el file listing of the settings that I ended up using. 


We will see how this works out.  I will continue to ride and test.  I want the small battery to give the mileage that I need and the testing should show me that.  At that point, I will decide about the needed additional battery.   Hopefully the changes that I have made will make the riding more efficient and the battery use more conservative.  

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