Thursday, November 9, 2023

1400 miles thus far on the E-Bike converted Surly Long Haul Trucker

The Converted Surly Long haul trucker has proven itself worthy after 1,400 miles of riding.  The rim brakes have worked very well in providing the needed stopping and slowing down, but that is really what was anticipated with a touring bicycle.  The normal mile after mile riding has much less braking then other types of riding.  The Kool Stop brake pads have yet needed to be replaced.  The wear on the pads is about the same as when the Surly Long Haul trucker wasn't an e-bike.  

The mid drive Bafang motor has provided the little extra boost to get up hills. Even with the assist set to minimum, (25-100 w) the 1 to 3 miles per hour increase makes the journey a bit more enjoyable when the loads are heavy.    

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