Thursday, June 15, 2023

1,000 miles on the Bafang BBs02b E-Bike E-Trucker

Today I hit the 1,000 mile mark on the Bafang E-Bike motor.  I Converted a  Surly Long Haul Trucker September 2022 and started the testing and the made refinements.    

You can read about the conversion in the link at the top.

At this point, the bicycle is dialed in really good for my needs.  There were some needed and highly recommended changes that were made along the testing way.  But overall, I would HIGHLY recommend converting an existing comfortable bicycle to an e-bike as opposed to purchasing a new e-bike that may have specific motor mount frames and proprietary batteries.   

A conversion lets you put together the type of bicycle with the functions that best fit you. 

Probably the best thing I like about conversions is the choice of batteries. 

Range Anxiety
If most of your bicycle trips are under 30 miles, but you concerned with range, on specific occassions, there is really no need to mount a huge, heavy and expensive battery that can give you a range of 80 miles, .  A small battery will do just fine for the short trips  For those times more range is needed, you can have 2 or three small batteries and toss them into a pannier and swap them out when needed.  Other wise, why haul around all the extra weight of a huge battery that takes up space.  The rides to the grocery store or other errands are much easier with a small battery not taking up much space and being that heavy.  ALSO if one battery 'goes bad' which I have never had happen but know that it can, your e-bike is not out of service while you are awaiting a new battery.   

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