Wednesday, May 17, 2023

BBS02b Motor Cover

The Lekkie motor covers are a great item to have on a motor.  They provide better motor protection and they have a grease port that lets you add a squirt of grease into the gear area ever so often.  

I plan to add a bit a grease every 500 miles or so.  Without a port, the cranks, chainring and motor cover had to be removed to add grease.

Three images show: 

1) the Bafang original motor cover. Secured be 7 Philips head screws.

2) The motor cover off showing gears. This is what the gears looked like after 1,000 km. Not a great deal of grease.

3) Lekkie cover for motor showing grease port.


The link below shows a "GASKET ISSUE" to watch out for when installing the Lekkie cover on the Bafang BBS01b motor

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