Tuesday, May 23, 2023

800 miles on the E-Bike conversion!

After 800 miles with the Bafang BBS02b motor,  things are really feeling "dialed in".   

Using 2 small 48v 10ah (4.7lbs) batteries is working very well.   Most commuting and errand trips are under 20 miles and the 48v 10ah is able to manage these distances with no issues.  No need to be transporting a large battery around if it is not needed.   For longer trips, I just put the additional battery in a pannier or strap it on a rack and swap the batteries when needed.

The Surly Long Haul Trucker handles the load with zero issues.  The hills of any route can be undertaking without worry.  

If a conversion is being considered, my recommendations are:

  • Motor cutoff with braking.
  • Motor cutoff with shifting. 
  • Testing, learning and anticipation the best shifting techniques as you approach terrain.  

To read about the conversion project click HERE

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