Tuesday, May 10, 2022

City Vanture Standard - Shining Black E-Bike

 City Vanture Standard features  (click to go to WEBSITE)

✔KANDA® Tire ✔TEKTRO® Disc Brake ✔Gates® Carbon Drive™ CDN™

Interesting concept.  

The Gates Drive is a great option, but I am not sure of the "put together fame". 
There are no specs on the bottom bracket and it appears to be "not standard" .

It uses a Bafang Rear hub motor 350 which is probably under powered compared to other options.

Touring e-bike:

They informed me they are working on a touring e-bike. 
I hope that would include the Gates drive and a more powerful motor. 
A front hub or mid-drive motor would be good options allowing for a Rohloff geared rear hub. 
The front fork need cage mounts. 
There needs to be fender attachment. 
And of course many battery options.   

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