Saturday, April 30, 2022

Bafang E-Bike Motors BBSHD BBS02 are older products. M315 M615 are newer products.

I recently was looking into doing a conversion of a Bicycle to an E-Bike using a Bafang Mid-Drive Motor.  There are a number of seeming "secondary sellers" of the Bafang products. Some even seem like extensions of the Bafang Company.  It became a little confusing about what motor was what.  And who did the support and warranty.  

I asked a couple of  "resellers" for information but received vague non-answer replies.  

The BBSHD & BBS02 motors are referenced in many websites & forums.  But on the Bafang website the BBSHD & BBS02 are NOT mentioned.  

(note: sometimes a "Your connection is not private" is shown when going to this website)

It appeared to me that naming confusion might be a Bafang Regional nomenclature.
But it looked like the models might be the same
For example: 

BBSHD = M615
BBS02 = M315

But it could be something else. 

There was also the concern that there didn't seem to be Company approved sellers for the Bafang Motors in the United States.

On Twitter, I asked the question to what appears to be the actual Bafang Company.

   Bringing power to your life with #ebike systems engineered to make you smile!   
   Suzhou, May 2019

When researching @BAFANGElectric E-Bike motors, the BBSHD & BBS02 motors are referenced in many websites & forums but not the Bafang website.

It might be a #Bafang nomenclature thing 

But It appears:
BBSHD = M615
BBS02 = M315

Can anyone confirm?

They replied:
Thanks for the question!

These are old product names and many are available on the market where importers may have bulk purchased in the past, but Bafang does not sell drive systems direct nor advise DIY projects using them. The new models will benefit from the extra years of product development invested into them. Always fully investigate any seller, and product specs and provenance yourself before purchase.

Although this answered my question and I now believe that the BBSHD & BBS02 motors are "old model" motors, other questions immediately come to mind. 

  • Is the Twitter Bafang Company really the Bafang Company?
  • Why does the Bafang website generate a privacy message?
  • Where can new model Bafang motors be purchased in the USA?
  • What sellers in the United States are recommended or "fully investigated" ?
I am still a bit concerned about Bafang being used for a conversion in the United States.

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