Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The Jones SG 2.5 Aluminum Loop H-Bar - Review

Touring Handle Bar - after 3,000 miles

Jones H-Bar - The Jones SG 2.5 Aluminum Loop H-Bar

I replaced the Flat Bar that was the standard build on my Felt Sporte 95 with the Jones SG 2.5 Loop H Bar.  The Bar has a rise that makes the riding position a little more upright, great for touring.

I had previously used a Salsa WoodChipper Bar on my Surly Long Haul Trucker. With over 30,000 miles with that set up it was comfortable.  

The new Felt Sporte 95 with it's standard flatbar, long miles of riding quickly became an issue.  With the lack of hand positions and bad riding position for long rides, comfort became an issue.  Converting to a Woodchipper would have required brake and shifting changes, so I was willing to try the Jones H-Bar.

I called and talked with Jeff Jones about the best option for the Felt Sporte 95 and my particular situation of touring.   He recommended the Jones SG 2.5 Aluminum Loop H-Bar. 

I have ridden about 3,000 miles with this set up. The setup has been very comfortable and Enjoyable.  No Wrist issues, a nice touring upright position, lots of hand positions

The bars are 710mm wide (there is a 660mm bar available) ... so storage can be a bit of a challenge if you have a tight garage,  but riding has never been a problem because of the width.

The Jones H-Bar reviews show that many people report their 'wrist' issues have been resolved using them.   If your current bicycle is a flatbar, installing a Jones H-Bar is easy.  The brakes and shifters should work with no changes. 

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