Monday, May 13, 2019

The "perfect" E-Touring Bicycle ... where is Surly?

I have always appreciated the Surly Team for setting a standard for Touring Bicycle with the Long Haul Trucker.  Over time, they added a Disc Trucker and optional wheel sizes.  For 10 years, I have used the original Long Haul Trucker as my go-to touring bike that was reasonably priced. During my thousands of miles of travel, it was the most common Touring bike I encountered.
It simply did a great job as a touring bicycle.

With age, I was drawn to the E-Bike option.  In 2016, I contacted Surly to see if there were plans to have a E-Bike Frame option for a Touring Bike or Treking Bike. I was hoping for a Long Haul Trucker or a Troll.  Surly replied that the did not have anything in the pipe line.

Too bad for me.
I was expecting Surly to lead the way as I saw the demand for E-Bikes in the USA starting to increase.  I then had to look for E-Bikes and selected a Felt E-Bike that I configured as a Touring Bike. But it is missing mounts on the front fork and only one mount for water bottle.

The Electric Bike Review is a great source for information on E-Bikes. Recently, a few members of the Electric Bike Forum recommended a "Touring/Trekking Forum".   A new Touring/Trekking Forum was added and E-Bike Touring information sharing began!   A quick review of the comments showed that many people that have been Bicycle Touring for years are like me, getting a little older, and appreciate the E-Bike Pedal assist as they continue to Tour and enjoy bicycling.  It takes the edge off of hills, opens routes, extends daily distance.

The E-WorldTraveller-S is equipped with carriers from the German brand Tubus.

(the Koga E-World Traveller -Gijs Review )

Discussion: The "Perfect E-Touring" Bike- some members thoughts:

Mid-drive with Rohloff
Mid-Drive w/o Rohloff
Jones H-Bars
Dual Batteries
Steel Frame
Big Tire Clearance
Lots of Mounts - Front Fork Mounts
Mechanical vs hydraulic brakes

Some People posted images of current E-Bikes that are appreciate:
-Koga Signature E-World Traveller
-Riese & Muller
-Tour Terrain Silkroad

My Favorite Mentions: (all in the $6,000 range)


But what was missing was an Touring Bicycle from the USA. 

Surly was mentioned as being the perfect Touring bike, but so far no Surly E-Long Haul Trucker or Surly E-Troll ... or Surly E-Ogre.
Surly lead the way with the perfect Touring Bicycle for years ... 
'Surly' they could lead the way with an E-Touring bike as well...  I hope they do!

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