Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Touring cable/lock options.

Most of the places that I ride are relatively safe.

Grocery Stores, Cafes, Trail heads, Coffee shops ... that I am pretty familiar with.
Like the common advise says, "choose a safe place to park your bike ... keep an eye on it and don't be long".

I carry this small Tether Bike Cable to 'lock' up my bicycle for the short periods of time that I am away from it.  It is lightweight, and attaches to my front bike bag when I am traveling.  I use a small padlock to fasten it.

Choosing a safe place to park your bike and choosing a quality cable and lock are critical in keeping your bike secure. Use Planet Bike's Wheel Tether with your bike lock to secure your quick-release wheels from theft.

This hopefully will keep my bike from 'rolling away' ...  so far it has, (so far I have been lucky).

From Planet Bike

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